October, 10 2019

Metabolic and Vascular Response to Exercise in Sickle Cell Trait Carriers: Effect of Hot Environment


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18 to 30 Years



About the study

The heterozygous form of sickle cell disease is clinically asymptomatic. Nevertheless, it was
observed that, the sickle cell trait is associated with serious medical complications
especially during intense physical efforts. Moreover, the exposure to a hot environment
(tropical climate) is suspected to be a determining factor in the occurrence of these medical

However, the relationship between sickle cell trait and death during effort is not well
established. Furthermore, the cascade of events that usually cause sickle cell crisis such as
red blood cells sickling and rhabdomyolysis and which affect microcirculation are not known.

Our main objective in this study is to verify whether young healthy active men with sickle
cell trait have reactive hyperemia to their hemoglobinemic condition during exercise; to
identify the contribution of hot environment on these possible disturbances; and to determine
underlying mechanisms.

In addition, disturbances in the regulation of glucose metabolism in healthy subjects under
hot environment have been reported, marked by a significant increase in postprandial blood
glucose. Therefore, this project is also intended to assess the contribution of the
disturbance of glycoregulation during exercise under hot environment in active sickle cell
trait carriers. The imbalance of pro and anti oxidant agents, the adhesion and inflammation
markers will also be evaluated.

Results of this study will allow a better understanding of physio-pathological mechanisms
leading to vascular accidents during exercise under tropical climate in young healthy sickle
cell trait carriers; and to identify physical activity programs and nutritional interventions
adapted to patients with sickle cell disease under hot environment.

Study Type





18 to 30 Years



Inclusion Criteria

– BMI between 19 and 25kg/m2,

– Be living in the Caribbean for at least 6 months health

– Be physically active (≥ 1350 METs/week)

– No history of heat stroke during exercise

– No taking any medications

– Not regularly consuming alcohol

– Have the ability and willingness to issue consent written, free and enlightened

Exclusion Criteria

– Have any other hemoglobinemic status than AA or AS.

– Weight gain or loss of more than 2 kg in the last 6 month.

– Food allergy to any of ingredients coming into the composition of test meals or that
may result from a cross-contamination during manufacture: eggs and eggs products,
gluten, milk and milk-based products (including lactose), soybean and soy products,
fruit hulls (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashew nuts, pecan, macadamia, Brazil,
Queensland, pistachios) and products made of these fruits.

– Monitoring a particular diet

– Any chronic metabolic pathology, cardiovascular, neurovascular, renal, respiratory,
neuromuscular, musculoskeletal or articular known

– Any disorder of the ear (infections, tumors, perforated eardrums, polyps)

– Any infectious disease or inflammatory and infectious condition


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Outcome measures

  • Microvascular function


  • ACTES laboratory, Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe, 97157

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