October, 10 2019

Effect of Salbutamol on Autonomic Nervous System Dysfunction of Children With Sickle Cell Disease


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6 to 16 Years

About the study

Sickle cell disease (SCD) children and adults with asthma have an increased rate of
vaso-occlusive crisis, acute chest syndrome episodes, and premature mortality when compared
to those without asthma. We hypothesised that either asthma diagnosis and/or bronchodilator
treatment may aggravate SCD via their modulating effect on autonomic nervous system.

Study Type



6 to 16 Years



Inclusion Criteria

– age from 8 to 16 years (≥ 8 years and < 16 years) (spirometry and DLCO study feasible) - Sub-Saharan African or Caribbean ethnic origin. - child with sickle cell disease referred for monitoring of respiratory function in the framework of its sickle cell disease and whether or not it presents a possible disease asthmatic (asthma treatment prescribed in the past year) - or asthmatic child (typical functional signs + history of exacerbation severe hospitalized or reversible obstructive pulmonary disorder) not sickle cell - addressed for respiratory function monitoring

Exclusion Criteria

– Refusal to participate (lack of consent)

– Sickle cell child of North African origin

Outcome measures

  • To assess the effect of salbutamol administration on ANS in these SCD children (with and without asthma) and in control asthmatics (without SCD)


  • Robert Debre Hospital, Paris, France, 75019

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