October, 10 2019

Collect of Cord Blood From Subjects at Risk for Sickle Cell Disease, for the Purpose of Laboratory Research


18 to 45 Years

About the study

The study consists in collecting umbilical cord blood cells from newborns at risk of sickle
cell disease, to perform laboratory experiments aiming to characterize the cells with HbS/HbS
mutation, to develop methods to prepare, to gene-modify and to preserve these cells.

Study Type



18 to 45 Years



Gender Description

Giving birth

Inclusion Criteria

– Pregnant women, giving birth at CHSF and consenting to the collect and study of
placental blood after delivery

– Age 18 to 45 years

– Biological testing of the participant includes hemoglobin electrophoresis and shows at
least one HbS allele

Exclusion Criteria

– Lack of written consent

– Minors (not 18 years old) or under guardianship

– Diseases : HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C or HTLV (Human T Leukemia Virus).

Outcome measures

  • Number of samples with HbS/HbS genotype

Contact Research Team

  • Ismahane GUIMIOT
    +33 (0)1 82 53 35 36

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